“The Sutra on the Retribution of Sin and Blessings”

“The Sutra on the Retribution of Sin and Blessings”

Translator: Translated by Sanzang Qiunabhadra of the Kingdom of Khotan in the Song Dynasty

That’s what I heard. At that time, the Buddha was living in the state of Kaweilawei. Together with one thousand two hundred and fifty monks. Jiu Benzhai finally came out of the shrine for a while. Going to Sravasti, there are only trees in the Garden of Solitude. There is a big tree between the two countries. Name, nun, class. Twenty miles high. The branches cover sixty miles in a circle. There are tens of millions of dendrobium trees. The food is sweet and tastes like honey. People eat the sweet fruits when they are ripe. All diseases are cured except the shrewd eyes. Buddha sits under a tree. At that time, the bhikkhus took fruits and ate them. The Buddha told Ananda. I observe that all things in heaven and earth have their destiny. Ananda immediately came forward to perform rites for the Buddha. Kneeling long and white Buddha. What a fate. All my disciples would like to hear it. Only his speeches and enlightenment are unheard of. The Buddha told Ananda. Good, good, good. If you are happy to hear it, listen to it wholeheartedly.

Buddha’s words. Madam, it is a blessing to have a tree like this. This species has one core. The benefits of growing a little bigger are endless.

He is a noble king and an elder. It comes from the Three Treasures of Ceremony.

Being rich means unlimited wealth. Come from.

Live a long life, be free from disease, and be strong. Comes from observing the precepts.

The first is to be upright, clean, white and radiant. Soft hands and clean breath. There is nothing wrong with people’s appearance. Look at it endlessly. Come from patience.

There is no slacking off in cultivating yourself. Happiness is a blessing. Come from diligence.

Be a person who is calm and considerate of your words and deeds. Come from. To understand and understand the profound method for talents. Explain the wonderful meaning and enlighten the ignorant. When people hear his words, they will not hesitate to accept and use them as treasures. Come from.

His voice is clear and clear. Comes from singing the Three Jewels. He is clean and free from disease. Come from a loving heart. Because he could not be beaten with a stick in his previous life.

As a lady, you should be respectful to others. He is short-tempered and arrogant.

He is ugly and loves to be angry. Because students are ignorant and unlearned.

Zhuan is a stupid person and doesn’t teach others. Because he is silent and slanders others. He is deaf-blind and does not see or listen to the scriptures. As a slave, you cannot pay your debts. That’s why he is humble and disrespectful to the three respectable people.

Because being an ugly person obscures the light in front of the Buddha. He was born in a naked country and wore light clothes, so he stood in the Buddha’s monastery.

He was born in the country of horseshoes and crawled in front of the Buddha. I feel regretful and regretful when I was born wearing my breasts and donating to my country.

The birth of a deer, deer, and elk in the dust caused joy and frightened people. He loved teasing when he was born and fell into the dragon.

It is difficult to treat malignant sores on the body. Happy whip list.

People are happy when they see them, because they were happy when they were seen in the previous life. People are not happy to see you. That’s why I was unhappy when I saw people in my previous life.

He was delighted to be imprisoned by the county magistrate and raped. In the previous life, I was a human being and held all sentient beings in a cage, so I didn’t do as I intended.

He is short of kisses. The fish broke out while fishing in the previous life.

The heart does not like hearing good words and kind words. Those who make noises and confuse people while listening to the scriptures. Later it was called the Dan-eared Dog.

I feel very happy when I hear French being spoken. Later, there were ears among donkeys and horses.

Being greedy and eating alone will cause you to fall into trouble. Born as a human being. Poverty, hunger, and nakedness.

The good ones feed themselves and the bad ones. Then he fell into a pig, dolphin, and dung beetle. After robbing a character, he fell into a sheep and was skinned for life. Those who like to kill living creatures will give birth to plankton in the water. Life and death.

Those who like to steal people’s property. The descendants will be given oxen, horses, slaves, and maidservants to pay their old debts.

Those who like to lust after other women. Die in hell. A man holds a copper pillar. The woman lies on an iron bed. Born as a human being, he fell into the world of chickens and ducks.

Those who like to tell lies and spread evil to others. In hell, foreign copper pours into the mouth. Pull out its tongue and plow it with oxen. He was born among the evil-sounding birds. Everyone is frightened when they hear its cry. They all say that they will turn into monsters and curse them to death.

He who likes to drink is guilty of thirty-six mistakes. Then he fell into the boiling mud plow. Born into a wolf. Later he became ignorant, stubborn and ignorant.

Those who are not harmonious to each other. Countless fights and quarrels drove each other away. The offspring is among pigeons and doves. Those who are greedy for human resources will be born later. For the governor of the state and county, he is the one who feeds the officials. Those who are innocent or invade the people privately are whipped and beaten with sticks. There is no way to force delivery. There should be no leniency in the system of stringers. Afterwards, he fell into hell and suffered endless pain for hundreds of billions of years. Out of sin fell into the buffalo. Pass through the nose and mouth to pull the boat and the cart. Beat him with a big stick to pay for his old sins.

People who are not clean come from pigs. Those who are greedy and greedy come from dogs. Those who are ruthless and self-indulgent come from sheep. Those who are restless and unable to tolerate things. From macaques. People with a fishy stench come from fish and turtles. Someone who is vicious and has a poisonous heart. From the viper. Good food for people. Those who kill sentient beings have no compassion. From jackals and eagles. The birth was short-lived and the fetus was aborted with incomplete injuries. His life was short and he died early. Fell into Santu. When tens of millions of kalpas come to an end. Be careful.

Buddha’s words. Everything you do is in response to your body. For blessing food and to turn around. Don’t invite people without asking. I wish you could eat like a beautiful woman. How can you be so full that you will never be hungry again? Burning incense will purify and capture all your thoughts. Ran Deng is so smart that he has no worries about the Three Great Wisdoms. Burning incense, fasting, reading sutras and reading scriptures are considered normal practices. If you give alms, you will receive blessings and all the gods will support you. All evil is possible, but all evils dare to be punished. A lazy person is quiet and has no ambition to make progress. It is unlucky to be sick once. He wanted to burn incense and pray for blessings. Before the heavens send down all the demons. Try to make all kinds of strange changes by touching together. For this reason, you should always be diligent. Sins and blessings follow people like a shadow. Propagate trees of the same kind as Nigu in the blessed field. This species is planted with several cores. Ananda knelt down and answered the Buddha’s words with folded hands. Plant a nucleus that grows slightly larger. The income is unlimited. The Buddha said Ananda. Give one thing and get ten thousand times more. The words are true. The Buddha chanted:

The sage likes to give alms. Heaven and man will support themselves.

Give one thing and get ten thousand times more, happiness and longevity

To those who give good deeds today, their blessings will be immeasurable

Everyone should obtain the Buddha’s way and be liberated in the ten directions

The Buddha spoke to Ananda. People in the world are ignorant of life and death. The naked eye does not know sin and happiness. I have witnessed countless calamities with my Tao. As for the retribution of today’s sins and blessings. It’s like looking at a precious glass in the palm of your hand. There is no doubt inside or outside. Ananda immediately went forward to straighten his clothes. Make rituals and speak to the Buddha. What should be the name of this speech method? The Buddha told Ananda. This sutra is called the Five Paths of Retribution for Sins and Blessings. If there are good men and good women. The merits of satire and propaganda are immeasurable. I will see thousands of Buddhas serving and making offerings to them during the virtuous kalpa. Don’t fall into the eight difficulties. Get the concentration of ignorance. The Buddha has spoken. Five hundred bhikkhus have exhausted all their ideas. All the gods, dragons and gods will be under the tree. There are 12,000 Qing believers. There are six thousand Qingxin women. Follow the path well. They all came forward to pay homage to the Buddha and left.


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