The philosopher’s last lesson

The philosopher’s last lesson

A philosopher took a group of students to roam the world. In ten years, they traveled to all countries and visited all learned people. Now they come back, all of them are full of knowledge.

Before entering the city, the philosopher sat down on a grass field in the suburbs and said: “After ten years of traveling, you have become well-educated people. Now your studies are coming to an end. Let’s take the last lesson!”

They sat down around the philosopher. The philosopher asked: “Where are we sitting now?” The disciples replied: “We are sitting in the wilderness now.” The philosopher asked again: “What is growing in the wilderness?” The disciples said: “The wilderness is full of weeds. .”

The philosopher said: “Yes. The wilderness is full of weeds. Now what I want to know is how to get rid of these weeds.” The disciples were very surprised. They did not expect that the philosopher, who had been exploring the mysteries of life, had the last lesson. It was such a simple question.

A disciple spoke first and said: “Teacher, as long as you have a shovel, it is enough.” The philosopher nodded.

Another disciple then said: “Burning with fire is also a good way.” The philosopher smiled and motioned to the next person.

The third disciple said: “Spreading lime will get rid of all the weeds.”

The next story is about the fourth disciple. He said: “To remove the weeds and root out the roots, all you have to do is dig out the roots.”

After all the disciples had finished speaking, the philosopher stood up and said, “That’s the end of the class. When you go back, you can remove a patch of weeds according to your own methods. Let’s meet again in a year.”

A year later, they all came, but the place where they originally met was no longer overgrown with weeds. It turned into a crop field full of millet. The disciples sat around the valley and waited for the philosopher to arrive, but the philosopher never came.

A few years later, the philosopher died. When the disciples were sorting out his remarks, they added a final chapter privately: There is only one way to get rid of weeds in the wilderness, and that is to plant crops on them. Likewise, the only way to keep a soul free from distractions is to occupy it with virtue.

Just imagine, if those students’ lives are missing this last lesson, how much meaning will it have to become rich in learning?

Comment: The human mind is just so big. If you want to get rid of the bad things, it is really simple. You just need to put more good things in it.


​What is the most important to you, and how much have you paid for it?


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