The most terrifying thing in the world is endless greed

The most terrifying thing in the world is endless greed

Asked the Zen master: “What is the most terrifying thing in the world?” The Zen master said: “Desire!” The disciple was full of doubts. The Zen master said: “Listen to me telling a story!”

There was a farmer who wanted to buy a piece of land. He heard that someone in a place wanted to sell land, so he decided to go there to find out. When he arrived at that place, he asked someone: “How can I sell the land here?”

The locals said: “As long as you pay 1,000 yuan, you will be given one day. From the time when the sun rises to when the sun sets on the horizon, you can circle as much land as you can with steps. That land will be yours. But if If you can’t go back to where you started, you won’t get an inch of land.”

This man thought: “If I work hard this day and walk more, wouldn’t it be possible to enclose a large piece of land? This kind of business is really cost-effective!” So he signed a contract with the locals.

As soon as the sun appeared above the horizon, he took long strides and walked forward. At noon, when he looked back and could no longer see where he started, he turned around. His pace did not stop for a minute, he just kept walking forward, still thinking in his heart: “If you endure the hard work of this day, you can enjoy the joy of this day’s hard work in the future.”

He walked a long way forward again. Seeing that the sun was about to set, he was very anxious, because if he couldn’t get back to the starting point, he wouldn’t get an inch of ground. So he took a diagonal route and rushed towards the starting point. But the sun is about to sink below the horizon. So he stepped up his pace and was only two steps away from reaching the starting point, but at this time his strength was exhausted and he fell there. When he fell, his two hands just touched the starting line. The land belongs to him, but what’s the use? His life has been lost.

After the Zen master finished speaking, he closed his eyes and said nothing, and the disciple knew the answer to “What is the most terrifying thing in the world” from this story.

The most terrifying thing in the world is endless greed. It is not wrong to have desires. If you have too much desire, you will be looking for trouble, inviting trouble, and even disaster. All of this is caused by our disobedient hearts. How to prevent this most terrible thing from happening to us? We must control our hearts, let them listen to ourselves, and not be deceived by greed.


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