The full text of “Golden Guangming Sutra of the Most Victorious King”

The full text of “Golden Guangming Sutra of the Most Victorious King”

The first volume of Jin Guangming’s Most Victorious King Sutra

The first product

That’s what I hear. Bhagavan for a moment. At the top of Jiufeng Mountain in Rajagaha. In the purest and deepest Dharma Realm. The realm of all Buddhas is where the Tathagata resides. With the Dali Cu people, there are 98,000 people. All are Arhats. He is as good at taming as an elephant king. All leaks have been eliminated. No more. Good mind and liberation. Huishan is liberated. The work is done. Let go of all the burdens. Catch it for your own benefit. All have knots. Be at ease. Live in pure precepts. Skillful and convenient. solemn. Realize the eight liberations. Have reached the other side. His name is Gushou A Ruo Kao Chen Ru. Ju Shou A said there were many servants. Ju Shou Po Shi Bo. Gushou Namo. Gushou Po Dilijia. Dajia takes waves. Photo by Youlou Pinluojia. Photo by Gayaka. Photo by Natika. Relics. Damu Ganlian. But Ananda lived in the place of learning. Such are the great voices. Each one starts from concentration in the afternoon time. Go to the Buddha’s place. Bow at the feet of Buddha. Make three turns to the right. Sit back.

There are Bodhisattvas and Mahasattvas again. Hundreds of thousands of billions of people. There is great mighty virtue. Like the Great Dragon King. The name is popular. Common knowledge. Give pure precepts. Always happy to support. Be patient and diligent. After countless calamities. Beyond Zhu Jinglu. The thoughts are present. Open the door to wisdom. Good at cultivating convenience. Free play. subtle. Caught in charge. Endless eloquence. Cut off all worries. All the stains will die. Soon it will be regarded as all kinds of wisdom. The demon-conquering army. And beat the Dharma drum. Control the heretics. Make your mind pure. Turn the wonderful Dharma wheel. Save people and heaven. All the Buddha lands in the ten directions are adorned. All sentient beings in the six interests will benefit from it. Achieve great wisdom. With great forbearance. Living with great compassion has great strength. All the Buddhas in history are different. I vow to make a lasting commitment to the future. The pure cause planted more deeply than the Buddha. In the third life of Dharma enlightenment, there is no endurance. Beyond the realm of the two vehicles. Guide the world with great skill. Master Yu taught me how to perform the secret. Very deep emptiness. All are known. No more doubts. His name is the Bodhisattva Turning the Wheel of Dharma without Obstacles. Always aspire to turn the wheel of Dharma to Bodhisattva. Always diligent Bodhisattva. Restless Bodhisattva. Cishi Bodhisattva. Wonderful and auspicious Bodhisattva. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Always uphold the Bodhisattva King of Freedom. Great debate with the Bodhisattva Zhuangyan King. Miao Gao Mountain King Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva, King of the Deep Ocean. Baozhuang Bodhisattva. Dabaozan Bodhisattva. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva hidden in the void. Bodhisattva with precious hands. Vajrapani Bodhisattva. Power Bodhisattva. The powerful Bodhisattva. Great Ornate Light Bodhisattva. Great golden light solemn Bodhisattva. Pure Precepts Bodhisattva. Everlasting Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva of Extreme Purity and Wisdom. Solid and diligent Bodhisattva. The heart is like a bodhisattva in space. The Bodhisattva of Continuous Great Vows. Medicine Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva who cures all afflictions and diseases. Medical King Bodhisattva. Happy Gao Wang Bodhisattva. Get the prophecy from Bodhisattva. Great Cloud Pure Light Bodhisattva. Dayun Dharma-holding Bodhisattva. Dayun’s name is Joyful Bodhisattva. The great cloud appears boundlessly and is called Bodhisattva. Master Dayun shouted at the Bodhisattva. The Great Cloud Ox King roars to the Bodhisattva. Dayun Jixiang Bodhisattva. Dayun Baode Bodhisattva. Dayun Rizo Bodhisattva. Dayunyuezang Bodhisattva. Dayunxingguang Bodhisattva. Dayun Huoguang Bodhisattva. Dayun Electric Light Bodhisattva. Dayun Leiyin Bodhisattva. Great clouds and rain of wisdom fill the Bodhisattva. Great Cloud Pure Rain King Bodhisattva. Great Cloud Flower Tree King Bodhisattva. The great cloud, green lotus and scented Bodhisattva. Great cloud treasure and sandalwood cooling the body of Bodhisattva. Great Cloud Removes Darkness Bodhisattva. Great Cloud Po Medicine Bodhisattva. Such are the countless great bodhisattvas. Each one starts from concentration in the afternoon time. Go to the Buddha’s place. Prostrate to the Buddha, circle three times to the right with his feet, retreat and sit on one side. There are five hundred and eighty thousand pear chariots and children. His name is Shizi Guangdongzi. The master is a wise boy. The law teaches children. Indra taught the boy. Daguang boy. Big fierce boy. Buddha protects children. The law protects children. The monk protects the boy. King Kong protects children. The void protects the boy. The void roared at the boy. Treasure boy. The auspicious and wonderful hidden boy. In this way, you will be the first to wait for others. All abide supremely. Be deeply convinced and happy in the Mahayana. Each in the afternoon. Go to the Buddha’s place and bow at the Buddha’s feet. Go around three times to the right and sit back.

There are forty-two thousand emperors again. Its name is Happy to See the Emperor. Happy Emperor. The Emperor of Sunlight. The moon bun emperor. Emperor Minghui. The pure and wise emperor of the sky. The emperor who removes troubles. The auspicious emperor. In this way, wait for the emperor to be the first. They all have great aspirations to protect the Mahayana. Shaolong’s rectification can be carried out endlessly. Everyone should go to the Buddha’s place in the afternoon and bow to the Buddha’s feet. Go around three times to the right and sit back.

There are twenty-eight thousand dragon kings again. Lotus Dragon King. [Medical – You + Yan] Luo Ye Dragon King. The powerful dragon king. Shout the Dragon King. Xiaobo Dragon King. Holding the water dragon king. The golden-faced Dragon King. Ruyi Dragon King. In this way, wait for the Dragon King to take the lead. Be happy and uphold the Mahayana Dharma. Express deep confidence, praise and support. Everyone should go to the Buddha’s place in the afternoon and bow to the Buddha’s feet. Go around three times to the right and sit back.

There are again thirty-six thousand Yasha people. King Bishamon is the leader. Its name is Anpo Yaocha. Hold Anpo Yaocha. The lotus light hides the medicine fork. Lotus noodle yakshak. Eyebrows and medicine forks. The big scary medicine fork appears. Move the medicine fork. Swallow the medicine fork. All these Yakshas love the Tathagata’s righteous Dharma. Protect me deeply and never get tired. Everyone should go to the Buddha’s place in the afternoon and bow to the Buddha’s feet. Go around three times to the right and sit back.

There are again forty-nine thousand Jielu Tea Kings. Xiangxiang is the king of power and the leader. And Yu Jiantharpo Asura Kinnaramo Huluojia and so on. All the gods in the mountains, forests, rivers and seas. And all the kings of the great countries. The concubines in the middle palace believed in both men and women. All the people and gods gathered together. I am willing to support the supreme Mahayana. Read, recite, accept, uphold, write and spread. Everyone should go to the Buddha’s place in the afternoon and bow to the Buddha’s feet. Go around three times to the right and sit back. Such are the sound-hearing bodhisattvas. The Eight Parts of Humanity, Heaven, Dragons and Gods. It’s already gathered. Everyone put their palms together in sincere respect. Pay homage to your face. The eyes have never been abandoned. May I be happy to hear the wonderful Dharma. Then Bhagavan. At sunset. Start with determination. Observe the masses. And say the song.

The wonderful method of golden light is the most superior to all sutra kings

So deep that it’s hard to hear The realm of the Buddhas

I should proclaim this sutra for the public

Together with the four Buddhas in the four directions, they are protected by the mighty gods.

Oriental Aqingzun, Southern Treasure Buddha

Infinite Life in the West Sound of Heavenly Drums in the North

I re-enact the wonderful method and win in auspicious repentance

Can destroy all sins and purify all bad karma

And eliminate all suffering, and always have immeasurable happiness

The Root of All Wisdom and the Ornaments

Without the body, life will be shortened

All evil appearances appear before the gods, all give up

Relatives and friends harbor resentment, and family members are all separated.

We all behaved against each other, and all our treasures were lost.

The evil star is a monster, or it is invaded by evil poison.

If there are more sorrows, forced by all the suffering

Seeing nightmares while sleeping causes trouble

It is a person who should take a bath and wear fresh and clean clothes

This King of Wonderful Sutra is highly praised by the Buddha

Focus on the mind without distractions, read, recite, listen, and uphold

With the power of this sutra, you can avoid all kinds of disasters

And the suffering of the remaining people, all will be eradicated

The four kings who protect the world and the ministers and their families

Countless Yakshas all support the defense with one heart

The goddess of great eloquence and the water goddess of the Nilian River

Mother Goddess Haridhi Gods of the Immovable Earth

Lord Brahma, Lord Buddha, Dragon King Kinnara

And the Garuda King and the Asura Celestials

Such as the gods and so on, and bring them to their retinue

We all come to protect this person. We are always together day and night.

I should speak of this sutra, the profound place of Buddha’s practice

The secret teachings of the Buddhas are once in a million eons

If anyone hears this scripture, I can speak for him

If it arises from the heart, or it is intended to make offerings

People like this should suffer immeasurable calamities

Always respected by all heavens, humans and dragon gods

This gathering of blessings is immeasurable, more numerous than the sands of Hengsha

Those who read and recite this sutra shall obtain this merit.

He is also the venerable Bodhisattva of the ten directions.

Support those who uphold the scriptures and avoid all sufferings

Make offerings to those who are sutras and bathe your body as before

Food, drink, fragrant flowers, and constant compassion

If you want to listen to this sutra, your mind will be pure and untainted.

Always having happy thoughts can develop all kinds of merits

If one listens to this sutra with respect

Good things are born in human beings, and they are far away from all sufferings.

That person has mature good roots and is praised by all the Buddhas.

Only then can you listen to this sutra and practice the method of repentance

Tathagata’s second highest longevity

At that time, Wangshe was in the great city. There is a Bodhisattva Mahasattva. It’s called Miaozhuang. In the past, I have visited countless hundreds of thousands of Buddhas. To cultivate the roots of good deeds. At that time, Bodhisattva Miaozhuang was alone in a quiet place thinking like this. Why did Sakyamuni Tathagata have such a short lifespan of only eighty years? Repeating is reading. As the Buddha said, there are two reasons for long life. Why is it two? One does not harm life. Both feed him food. Then Sakyamuni Tathagata came. He has lived through countless eons of countless tribulations. Don’t harm your life and do the ten good deeds. Always provide food and drink to all hungry sentient beings. Even the flesh and bone marrow of the body. Also keep giving and making things full. No more food and drink. That was the Bodhisattva. When the Blessed One is thinking this. With the power of the Buddha, his room suddenly became vast, vast and pure. Imperial green colored glaze and all kinds of treasures. The colorful decorations look like the pure land of Buddha. It has a wonderful aroma. The heavens are filled with fragrance. On each of its four sides there are seats for the sons of the Master. The four treasures are made of heavenly treasures and put on them. Again, there is a wonderful lotus in this seat. All kinds of treasures are carefully decorated. The Tathagata of Etc. appears naturally. There are four Tathagatas on the lotus. The east is motionless. The treasure of the south. Infinite life in the West. The sound of northern heavenly drums. The four Tathagatas were each sitting on their seats with their legs crossed. The magnified light shines all over the great city of Rajagaha. And these three thousand great worlds. Even the sands of the Ganges River in the ten directions and other Buddha lands. It rains all over the sky and flowers play all the heavenly music. At that time, he was in this continent and the three thousand great thousand worlds. All living beings have the power of Buddha. There is no shortage of wonderful joy to receive. If you don’t have the body, you will be covered with it. The blind can see. The deaf must hear. The mute can speak. A fool becomes wise. If the mind is in turmoil, the true mind will be found. If he has no clothes, he will get clothes. Respected by those who are evil and mean. Those who are filthy are clean. All benefits in this world. Nothing has ever been revealed.

At that time, there was the Bodhisattva Miaozhuang. Seeing the Four Tathagatas, I hope something will happen. Joyfully and enthusiastically, hands clasped together. Behold the extraordinary appearances of all Buddhas. Also reflect on the immeasurable merits of Sakyamuni Tathagata. Only in terms of life span. Have doubts. Yunhe. The Tathagata’s merits are immeasurable and his lifespan is short. Only eighty years. At that time there were four Buddhas. Say this to Bodhisattva Miaozhuang. Good man. You should not think about the longevity of the Tathagata’s life now. Why. Good man. We do not see Brahmins, demons, Samanas, Brahmins and other humans and non-human beings in the world. There are those who can calculate and know the life span of the Buddha and know its full limit. Except for those who are supremely right and omniscient. The Four Tathagatas of Time. I want to talk about the life span of Sakyamuni Buddha. With the power of Buddha. In the world of desire and lust, all the dragons, ghosts and gods, Gandharva, Asura, Jielu, Chakinna, Ramohuluojia. And countless hundreds of billions of Yuduo Bodhisattvas and Mahasattvas. Come and gather together and enter the wonderful and pure room of Bodhisattva Miaozhuang. At that time the four Buddhas were among the crowd. I want to show the longevity of Sakyamuni Tathagata. And say the song.

All sea water, its number can be known

No one can count the life span of Sakyamuni.

Analyzing all the wonderful mountains, one can know how many are like mustard

No one can count the life span of Sakyamuni.

All the earth’s soil can be known by its dust count

No one can count the life span of Sakyamuni.

If you measure the void, you can reach the limit

No one can predict the life span of Sakyamuni

If a person lived for hundreds of millions of kalpas, he would try his best to always count.

It is no longer possible to know the life span of the World Honored One

Not harmful to all living beings and applied to food and drink

Due to these two reasons, life expectancy is long

Therefore, the lifespan of the Great Enlightenment is hard to determine.

Just like the tribulation is boundless, so is the life span

You should know the wonderful building and should not have any doubts.

The most victorious and infinite life, the one who cannot know the number

At that time, there was the Bodhisattva Miaozhuang. I heard the Four Tathagatas say that Shakyamuni Buddha has infinite life span. World Honored One. Why does the Tathagata show that life is shortened in this way? At that time, the Fourth World Honored One spoke to the Bodhisattva Miaozhuang. Good man. That Shakyamuni Buddha lived in the Five Turbulent Ages. when it appears. Life expectancy is 100 years, and the nature is bad. The good roots are meager. No more faith. All these living beings. There are many people who see me and see all living beings and have longevity. It is common to raise evil views and see what I see. In order to benefit these alien beings and outsiders. Such and other things can lead to correct understanding and achieve supreme Bodhi quickly. This is why Sakyamuni Tathagata comes. This shows that life is short. Good man. However, the Tathagata wants to make all sentient beings see Nirvana. Thinking about the difficulties in life, sorrow and suffering. The scriptures and teachings spoken by the Buddha and the World-Honored One. Quickly accept, uphold, read and recite to benefit. Explain to others without causing slander. This is why the Tathagata appears to have such a short life. Why. If those sentient beings see the Tathagata, they will not reach parinirvana. Don’t have the thought of being respectful and miserable. Tathagata said the profound scriptures. Nor should I uphold, read, recite, and preach to others. So what? Because I don’t respect the Buddha when I see him. Good man. For example, someone meets his parents. There will be an abundance of wealth and treasures. It is convenient for property not to give rise to misfortune. So what? I always thought about my father’s property. Good man. The same is true for all living beings. If you see the Tathagata not entering nirvana. Don’t have any thoughts of misfortune. So what? Because it is common. Good man. For example, someone’s parents are poor and have few resources. However, the poor man may go to the king’s house or the minister’s house. I saw that the warehouses were full of all kinds of treasures. Shengxi has sad thoughts. At that time, the poor man wanted money. Extensively set up convenient policies and work diligently without slacking off. So what? To give up poverty and enjoy happiness. Good man. Those living beings. The same is true again. If you see the Tathagata entering Nirvana. Thoughts of hardship and even misery. Repeating is reading. For immeasurable kalpas, Buddhas and Tathagatas will appear in the world. Just like the Wudamba flower, it appears once in a while. It is difficult for those living beings to think of hope. If you meet the Tathagata, your heart will be full of respect and faith. Hearing the true Dharma brings forth true thoughts. All classics. All accepted. No slander. Good man. So it’s karma. That Buddha, World Honored One. Live soon. Enter nirvana quickly. Good man. It is Tathagata. With such skillful means. Achieve all living beings. At that time there were four Buddhas. The words to say yes suddenly disappeared.

At that time, there was the Bodhisattva Mahasattva with the Wonderful Pillar. With countless hundreds of thousands of Bodhisattvas and countless hundreds of millions of nāyus and many hundreds of thousands of sentient beings. We all went to the place where Sakyamuni Tathagata is fully aware of the situation in Jiufeng Mountain. Bow at the feet of Buddha. Stand on one side. At that time, there was the Bodhisattva Miaozhuang. As above. Gubai Shizun. The Four Tathagatas of Time. Also reach the Eagle Peak. To the place of Shakyamuni Buddha. Each one follows his own course. Take a seat and sit. Tell the attendant Bodhisattva. Good man. Now you can go to the place of Shakyamuni Buddha. Ask for me. Less illness and less worry. Daily life is easy and profitable. Peace is okay. The answer is yes. Good, good, good. Sakyamuni Tathagata. Now I can expound the profound teachings of the Golden Light Sutra. For the sake of all sentient beings. Get rid of hunger. Make you feel happy. When I am happy, he is the waiter. Everyone goes to the place of Sakyamuni Buddha. Pay homage to your feet. But live on one side. They all understand the Buddha’s words. There are countless questions from heaven and humans. Fewer illnesses, fewer worries, and a light and peaceful life. The answer is yes. Good, good, good. Sakyamuni Tathagata. Now I can expound the profound teachings of the Golden Light Sutra. To benefit all sentient beings. Get rid of hunger. Make you feel happy. At that time Sakyamuni Tathagata will be fully awakened. Tell the attendants and Bodhisattvas what to say. Good, good, good. Those four Tathagatas. It can bring peace and happiness to all sentient beings. Please spread the Dharma to me. Then the World Honored One. And say the song.

I often preach this sutra at Jiu Mountain

To achieve all living beings, to manifest nirvana

Ordinary people have evil views and don’t believe what I say

In order to achieve that, I manifest nirvana

At that time there were Brahmins in the assembly. His surname is Chen Ru, and his given name is the Master’s prophecy. and countless hundreds of thousands of Brahmins. Make offerings to the Buddha. Hearing the words of the Buddha about entering parinirvana. Before communicating with each other in tears, we bowed to the Buddha and spoke in vain. World Honored One. If indeed the Tathagata has great compassion for all sentient beings. Compassion for benefits brings peace and happiness. Just like parents who have no more to wait for. Being able to take refuge in the world is like a pure full moon. Use great wisdom to illuminate like the sunrise. Ordinary people love the unbiased party like Luo Chuluo. I only wish that the World-Honored One would grant me one wish. At that time, the World-Honored One remained silent. The power of the Buddha is among these people. All sentient beings are happy to see the boy with a pear cart beside him. The language of Brahman is like words. Great Brahman. What do you wish for from the Buddha now? I can be with you. Brahmin language. boy. I want to make offerings to the Supreme Lord. Now I ask for relics from the Tathagata, such as mustard seeds. Why. I once heard that a good man is a good woman. The Buddha’s relics are as large as mustard seeds, so I offer them respectfully. This person should have been born for thirty-three days and become the Sakyamuni. It’s time for a boy. Said Brahmin. If you wish to be reborn for thirty-three days and receive the retribution. You should listen with all your heart to this Sutra of the Most Victorious King of Golden Light. It is the most extraordinary among all the sutras. Difficult to understand and difficult to enter. What the sravakas alone cannot know. This sutra can produce immeasurable merit and retribution. Even achieve supreme Bodhi. Now I will tell you briefly what happened. Brahmin language. Good boy. This golden light is so deep that it is difficult to understand and enter. The sravaka alone cannot yet know. What’s more, I am a despicable person. Wisdom is shallow. But it can be solved. That’s why. I now pray for the Buddha’s relics as much as mustard seeds. Keep it back. Put a treasure letter in it and make a respectful offering. After death, he will be granted the title of Emperor Sakyamuni. Always receive peace and happiness. Yunhe. You cannot fulfill this wish for me now. This is what I said. At that time the boy becomes a Brahmin. And say the song.

The flowing water of the Ganges can produce white lotus flowers


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