During the six days of fasting, the gods watch over good and evil. Every time you observe a precept, there are five good gods to protect you.

Buddha Speaks of the Four Heavenly Kings Sutra Volume 1

Translated by Song Shamen Shi Zhiyan and Gong Baoyun

That’s what I heard. At that time, the Buddha only had a solitary garden in Savatthi State. The Buddha told his disciples. Be careful that your mind has no love or six desires. The first is to wash away feelings and remove dirt without seeking. Be pure on the inside and be filial on the outside. Provide care for the children born with the fourth level of heart. In the morning, I went to the temple to repent. Recite the scriptures in the morning and evening to reflect on the wonderful meanings. Use the Buddha’s heavy precepts to cure heart diseases. Count your breaths in a quiet place. Go back to the source to seek truth.

(The Buddha told his disciples: You should take good care of your mind and not be attached to the six desires, purify your mind of impurities without seeking anything else, purify your mind internally and be filial to your parents externally, serve your parents with the four immeasurable hearts, practice repentance frequently, read and recite classics, think about the wonderful meanings, and strictly observe The Buddha’s precepts treat mental defilements, practice meditation diligently in a quiet place, and return to the source to seek the right path.)

The lifespan is as short as electricity and is extinguished in a trance. During fasting days, be careful and keep your mouth shut. All heavens serve people good and evil on fasting days. Mount Sumeru is the second Trayasa Heaven. The reason for the name of the Emperor of Heaven. The Lord of Merit has been blessed for four days. The four divine kings are the kings of the four towns. Each side has its own side. Often on the eighth day of the month. Send envoys to report the case to the world. Observe the emperor’s subjects, dragons, ghosts, worms, worms, squirming, and so on. Their thoughts, words, deeds, and deeds are good and evil. On the 14th, I sent the prince down. On the 15th, the Four Heavenly Kings came down. The envoy returned on the 23rd. On the 29th, the prince returned. On the 30th, the four kings came down again. Those who are inferior to the Four Kings. The sun, moon, five stars and twenty-eight constellations. Among them, all the gods are descending. The four kings ordered. Diligently wait for good or bad luck. If on this day you return to the Buddha, return to the Dharma, return to the bhikshus and monks. A pure heart and a fasting life lead to poverty. Observe the precepts, endure humiliation, and practice meditation diligently. Wan Jing San talks about enlightening blind people. Be filial to two relatives and serve three respects. Jishou accepts the Dharma and practices the fourth level of mind. A person who cares for all living beings. Distinguish between them to enlighten the emperor. If you practice virtue more and make diligent progress, you will not be lazy. There were thirty-three ministers and assistant ministers. Everyone is happy.

(Human life is as fleeting as lightning. If you cannot do good deeds every day for the time being, you should at least do good deeds of body, speech, and mind during the fasting days of each month, because the gods will come to the human world during the fasting days to observe good and evil. The top of Mount Sumeru is where the Trayasatra Heaven resides. The God of Sakyamuni has great merits and is in charge of the Four Heavenly Kings below, each of which governs the southeast, northwest and northwest. On the eighth day of every month, the Four Heavenly Kings each send their envoys down to the human world to inspect the emperor, subjects, dragons, and ghosts. , and all kinds of squirming good and evil deeds, including thoughts. On the 14th, the prince was sent down to inspect, and on the 15th the Four Heavenly Kings personally inspected. On the 23rd, another envoy was sent down, and on the 29th, another envoy was sent down. Your Majesty, the Four Heavenly Kings will come down again on the 30th. When the Four Heavenly Kings come down to the human world to observe, all the heavens in the sun, moon, five stars and twenty-eight constellations also come down together. The Four Heavenly Kings give an order: You must carefully observe the good and evil deeds of all living beings. If there is Buddhism today, Those who are members of the Three Jewels of the Sangha may be those who have a pure heart and fast and give alms to the poor; some may uphold the precepts and endure humiliation and practice meditation diligently; some may study the scriptures and preach as appropriate to enlighten the ignorant; some may serve the Three Jewels; some may be endowed with the right Dharma and practice the Four Infinite If there are many people who are diligent in cultivating virtues and do not slack off, Emperor Sakyamuni and his thirty-three assistants will be very good.)

The interpretation of the edict will increase your life and increase your longevity. Send all the good gods to protect him. As many as you want. If you hold one precept and order the five gods to protect it. The one with the five rings ordered the twenty-five gods to guard the door. The epidemic and the evil conspiracies to destroy Ye Wu Nightmare. The magistrate’s thieves, water and fire will eventually come to an end without causing any harm. Destroy disasters and eliminate monsters. The fourth level, five precepts and six fasts are like the great water extinguishing the small fire. Is there anything immortal? At the end of his life. Welcome his soul to the Seven Treasures Palace in the sky. Nothing is possible. If there is a fate that does not benefit all living beings. Dirty theft. He committed adultery against his wife. Cursing with both tongues. Talk nonsense. Tired of praying and cursing. Jealousy and madness. Going against the grain and being unfilial. It is against the law. Slander the monks. The antithesis of good and evil. There are wanderers. The four kings heard the emperor’s explanation and reached all heavens. Qian Ran was unhappy.

(For those who diligently practice good deeds, Emperor Saṅkhāra orders people to increase their lifespan and blessings, and sends good deities to protect them. If he keeps one precept, he will have five good deities guard him. If he can keep all five precepts, then Send twenty-five good gods to protect this person, so that this person can avoid disasters, get rid of diseases and evil spirits, and have no nightmares at night. Governments, thieves, water, fire, and disasters cannot harm him. Practice the four immeasurable hearts and accept and observe the five precepts and six fasts. Just like a big water can extinguish a small fire [a metaphor for disaster]. When this person dies, the gods will welcome his soul to the Seven Treasures Palace in the sky. No matter what he wants, he will kill, steal, and commit sexual misconduct. )

The good gods will no longer protect them. Even if the sun and moon have no light. The stars are lost. The wind and rain go against the times. People in the current world want to change the past and cultivate the future. Wash your heart and be solemn. The first to pass three. Fourth-class foster relatives. Loyal to the emperor. Compassionate remonstrance. Be sincere and honest. Reverse the previous practice to donate the filthy practices. Just the pure way. If there is a person who corrects his evil behavior, he will become a true person. Emperor Shi and the four kings were not happy. The sun and the moon are Qingming. The stars always have good weather and good weather. The poisonous gas subsides. Manna falls from heaven. The earth comes out of the spring. The taste of water and grain. Eat less and get sick. Colorful and colorful. Longer life span. Life is not a prison. Death leads to rebirth in heaven. Fortune wishes. Natural flight. Live and die freely. The item has sunlight. Food digests itself. No worries about convenience. The body is fragrant and the breath is fragrant. Today, the moon and stars are the palaces and residences in the heavens. The Palace of Seven Treasures. Hanging in the void. Care about what you want. After the end of his life, he was reborn in the home of a prince. Everyone is happy to see his beautiful face. When Buddha values ​​Dharma, sages and saints, they are connected. If you try your best not to commit sins, you will be rewarded with the five precepts and ten good deeds. Picking up feelings and clinging to desires. Liuzhai makes this happen. When Qin Fo was detained. Life span is sixty thousand years. People’s nature is inaction. Protecting others is the same as protecting yourself. When the Buddha died, the orthodox religion declined. If the people do not behave righteously, they will gradually become evil. His lifespan was reduced to a hundred years. After my good death. People who violate Buddhism cannot have filial sons. If your life is reduced, your life expectancy will be reduced. God bless you. The evil spirits of plague are coming to invade us every day. The beginning and end of the disaster monster. Being willing to go against your will is not a disaster. He was imprisoned by Wang Fa. Die and go to hell as beasts. If you behave as a human being, you will be despicable. Good and evil pursue the body like grain. Reap what you sow. Just like writing at night, the words will be saved after being extinguished by fire. The death of the body and the destruction of the name will bring disaster to the immortality of the blessings. Guard your mind, body and mouth. The Five Precepts and Ten Good Deeds can lead to enlightenment. I am now the result of Buddha’s accumulated practice. Bhikkhus listen to the sutra. Everyone is happy. He bowed his head and bowed to the Buddha before leaving.

(The good gods no longer protect them, even if the sun and moon have no light, the stars have irregular orbits, and the wind and rain are irregular. This is to warn the world, and to make people change their evil ways and become good. If people give up their evil behavior and practice the right path, Then Emperor Sakyamuni and the four heavenly kings will be very happy, the sun and moon will be clear again, the stars will have regular wind and rain, the poisonous gases will subside, nectar will fall from the sky, and springs will appear on the ground. After death, you can be reborn in heaven, enjoy all the blessings of heaven, and be reborn in the human world at the end of your life, in a prince’s family, with a radiant face, and be happy to see it. You can also meet the Buddha, the sage, and listen to the righteous Dharma. You will get it if you work hard. All these are achieved by practicing the five precepts and ten good deeds. The retribution of abandoning emotions and adhering to the Six Fasts. When Detention Sun Buddha lived in the world, the life span was 60,000 years. The people were honest and honest, and there was no difference between self and others. After Detention Sun Buddha passed away, the righteous Dharma declined, and the people’s good deeds decreased and became evil day by day, so the life span gradually increased. reduced to one hundred years old. After I [Sakyamuni Buddha] passed away, people violated Buddhism and were unfilial to their parents. Their lifespan and blessings gradually decreased. Gods did not come to protect them. Disasters, diseases, and evil spirits often came to harm them. Disasters occurred one after another. When you are in prison, you fall into the three evil realms after death. When you are a human again, you are also a despicable person. The good and evil deeds done by all living beings are like the seeds of grain. If you sow good causes, you will get good results, and if you sow evil causes, you will get good results. Therefore, you should protect them well. The three karma of body, speech and mind, and the five precepts and ten good deeds, can lead to enlightenment. My current Buddhahood is the result of many kalpas of practice. When all the monks heard the sutra, they were all very happy, bowed their heads and bowed to the Buddha before leaving.)


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