Passionate and ruthless

Passionate and ruthless

Mage Shengkai

Passionate and ruthless, sometimes they always seem to be in opposition to each other, but sometimes they are unified and are the best role models.

Just before the Buddha was about to leave, he gave the final instruction to him: “Therefore, bhikkhu, don’t let your guard down. I will achieve enlightenment by not letting my guard down. Countless good things can also be obtained by not letting your guard down. All things are impermanent. Those who survive. This is what the Tathagata said in the last days.” (Second of the Chang Agama Sutra, “Wandering Sutra”) In the “Legacy Sutra” it is said: “You monks, always be single-minded and diligently seek renunciation. Everything is corrupt and unsettling…” This is the most touching scene, just like a great loving mother who is about to leave for a long distance. She is afraid that her children will not know how to take care of their own food and daily life, so she repeatedly warns her. The Buddha was always full of compassion for himself. He was the most compassionate person in the world.

However, in the eyes of ordinary people, he is also the most ruthless person. He abandoned his family and country, and abandoned his wife and children. However, as long as we look at what the Buddha did after he became enlightened, we can see that ruthlessness can sometimes also be sentimental.

In the fifth year after his enlightenment, the Buddha returned to his homeland, Kapilavastu, and met his former wife Yasodhara. The scene and scene moved heaven and earth, and were awe-inspiring.

Yasodhara, who had not seen her husband for more than ten years, had mixed emotions in the inner palace. Sometimes he was angry, and sometimes he felt proud of meeting him again. But the person we meet is the Buddha, not Prince Siddhartha as before. How should we meet him? She thought that the Buddha would definitely say something intimate to her when they met her; she also thought that this was impossible because the Buddha was a saint who had achieved enlightenment. For more than ten years, Yasodhara has been passing her days with tears, like dreams and smoke. Her emotions are ever-changing and intertwined in her heart.

One is the enlightened Buddha, and the other is an amorous concubine. How did the Buddha come to talk to Yasodhara? After the Buddha met his father, the young Luo Tuluo came out and told the Buddha that his mother was waiting for him. The Buddha finally met Yasodhara. Just when the Buddha was about to speak to her, Yasodhara couldn’t help but kneel down. The Buddha slowly said to Yasodhara who was kneeling on the ground:

“It’s hard work for you. Although I am sorry to you, I am worthy of all sentient beings and myself. Please do it for me. Thank you, I have now achieved my original wish for all eons.”

Those who realize the holy fruit are not without it. They have pure emotions that are purified and transcended. From what the Buddha said to Yasodhara, we know that the Buddha was not unreasonable. To be honest, it is just that after purifying the private love, one turns to treating all living beings as Yasodhara and Rathala.

Since the Buddha attained enlightenment, he has cared for all sentient beings and done his best. No matter what circumstances he was in, he was always gentle and tolerant, adhering to the middle path. He never uttered a word out of excitement, nor did he make a single complaint. Emotional actions. In his mind full of compassion, there is also infinite light of wisdom. Therefore, no matter what problems he deals with, especially emotional problems, he always uses skillful methods to help all living beings, and never uses coercion. s method. This is the teacher of humans and gods. This is what makes a Buddha a Buddha.


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