lay down

lay down

Master Fayun

In the past, the agricultural society was simple and the people were kind and kind. If a family wanted to separate for several generations, it could be done in a few hours with a quick calculation. However, in modern society, material desires are strong and burdens are too heavy. A friend of mine is from a well-off family. It took him half a month to move last time and the move was not completed yet. There are too many supplies and too many burdens. How can he let go? How can you get it?

A story goes like this: There is a dear friend who, although he has made progress, has no desire (correct his psychological behavior), that is, his heart has never been there. Instead, he has tied more things to his body every day, such as fame, wealth, etc. Prejudices, prejudices, possessions… One day he died, and in a haze he arrived at a place that was very splendid, rich in materials, and had everything he wanted. It was like entering a department store, and you could do whatever you wanted. After he took it, he put it on himself. Once he put it on, he couldn’t put it down. The more he took it, the more he took it. The burden was too heavy and he couldn’t get out of the door. Suddenly, the lights went out and he couldn’t even find the door.

Fortunately, he met him and told him: “This is, you know? You just need to put those things down, the door is in front of you, and you can go out. Get free as soon as possible!”

He still refused to put it down and said, “If you don’t put it down, the lamp won’t light up. Aren’t you going to be here all the time? Then I’m sorry, I’m leaving.” Fortunately, he had entered Buddhism and knew that following the Bodhisattva would not Wrong, he chased and said: “Master, I let it go!” With a thought, he followed Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva out.

Does this vivid story give us some inspiration? If we are always greedy and unwilling to let go of many things, we will be tightly bound by them and cannot be freed, so we will have many troubles, just like hell. Only if we can see through and let go can we open up a free mind.


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