Just a bowl of rice

Just a bowl of rice

Who are we living for? On the surface, I am living for my family and myself, but in fact I am living for fame and fortune. For the sake of fame and fortune, we can live very busy, live very tired, live so long that we lose ourselves. However, no matter how much fame and fortune we have, what do we have in our hands? No matter how famous you are, you will only occupy a space the size of a coffin or even an urn after death; no matter how much money you have, you will not be able to eat much in one meal!

Those who desperately pursue fame and wealth may wish to read this story. Two young people who were unsatisfactory at their jobs went to visit an eminent monk and asked him for advice on whether they should quit their jobs. The eminent monk closed his eyes and said only five words after a long time: “It’s just a bowl of rice.” Both young people felt that they had an epiphany and knew what their next decision should be, so they thanked the eminent monk and went down the mountain.

After returning, one of them handed in his resignation and went home to farm, while the other continued to stay in the company.

Ten years later, the one who went home to farm became an agricultural expert, and the one who stayed in the company became a manager.

When the two met one day, the agricultural expert asked the manager: “Strange! Master told us that it’s just a bowl of rice. It’s just a bowl of rice. What’s the big deal? Why stay in the company and suffer? So I resigned. .But why didn’t you listen to Master?”

The manager listened and said with a smile: “Master said, ‘It’s just a bowl of rice.’ Does that mean it’s just for a bowl of rice? As long as I am less angry and care less, I will do it according to Master’s wishes.” Got it!”

Neither the agricultural expert nor the manager agreed with each other’s understanding, so they went to visit the eminent monk again to find out what the master meant.

Ten years later, the eminent monk and master was already very old. He still had his eyes closed. After a long time, he answered with five words: “It’s just a thought.” Then he waved his hand and let the two of them leave.

A person’s life is nothing more than fame and fortune, and nothing more than a bowl of rice! Food is what everyone needs to eat every day. There is no reason for this, because you have to survive, and sometimes eating is also a kind of enjoyment. So as far as work is concerned, the significance of this bowl of rice is extraordinary.

When you don’t have the conditions to choose that bowl of rice, you might as well compromise, wait for the opportunity, and think about the truth of “it’s just a bowl of rice” and “it’s just a thought”. What about when you have the ability and opportunity to choose that bowl of rice? What about when you are faced with different choices, but the new choices come with risks? Should we choose to make a living or earn a living?

Everyone has their own goals. In fact, they are essentially “nothing more than fame and fortune.” When you are suffering, tired or wronged, you might as well think about “it’s just a bowl of rice” or “it’s just a thought”. At this time, your heart may be more relaxed.


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