Buddhist Sutra


Throughout his life, the Buddha preached various teachings, and when he was approaching Nirvana, he preached again. He gave final warnings on the key points of morality, concentration, and wisdom to his disciples who had not yet attained Arhat status, so this sutra was created.

The word “Buddha” was originally an abbreviation, and the full name is “Buddha”. It is Sanskrit and translated into Chinese as “awakening”, “enlightenment” and “enlightened one”. Buddha means the enlightened one.

The so-called awareness means that when facing all troubles, you can observe them according to circumstances and not be confused by them. Enlightenment is to break through the barriers of knowledge. If we can make correct judgments and choices about all knowledge of the world and the transcendent world without overturning our attachments, we can break through the barriers of knowledge, and then we will be enlightened. Therefore, when you truly become a Buddha, you can both be aware and enlightened.

If it is explained from the level of the holy position, there are three types: self-awareness, awareness of others, and awareness of fullness. From the difference of merit and practice, it can be divided into three points: original awareness, initial awareness, and ultimate awareness.

Self-consciousness means that you have awakened to the reality of the universe and life; enlightenment means that Buddhist practitioners not only have to awaken themselves, but also further enable all sentient beings to awaken; full enlightenment means that the awakening practice is perfect, not only to awaken themselves, but also to make all living beings awaken. All other sentient beings can awaken and achieve perfect enlightenment. This is the state of the Great Enlightenment Buddha.

Ripa Awakening is the wisdom that is inherent in the hearts of all living beings. It is originally there, and the Dharma is like this. The initial awakening is the wisdom of contemplation that arises based on the influence of the Buddha’s teachings. When the wisdom of initial awareness and the wisdom of original awareness merge into one, the original essence is non-dual and the original essence is the same, this is the ultimate awareness.


This sutra is the legacy of the Buddha. When the Buddha was alive, his disciples relied on the Buddha and practiced. They often got close to the Buddha and asked him for instructions. Now that the Buddha is about to pass away, the disciples suddenly lose their support, so they are very frightened in their hearts, especially the ordinary people who have not yet achieved enlightenment.

Before leaving all sentient beings, the Buddha comforted his disciples and said: “When I was alive, I took the Buddha as my teacher. After the Buddha passed away, I took the Dharma as my teacher.” In other words, although the Buddha has passed away, if he enlightens the Buddha in his daily life, It shows that if you can practice diligently, just like when the Buddha was alive, Buddhist disciples can also obtain the merits of being free from suffering and achieving happiness. If you practice the Buddha’s precepts, concentration and wisdom, it means that the Buddha’s dharma body will always abide and will not be destroyed.

The Dharma taught by Shakyamuni Buddha is the same as that taught by the Buddhas of the ten directions and three generations. It is always consistent with the truth and will not change. Although sentient beings vary greatly in their hobbies, personalities, and the level of acceptance (intelligence), etc., every sentient being can accept the principles taught by Shakyamuni Buddha.

Master Ou Yi said that this sutra is the Sravaka Dharma in its current form, but it is a bypass of the Mahayana. The Sravaka Dharma is common to Bodhisattvas. The Sravaka Dharma is mainly used to treat the troubles of views and thoughts in the three realms, so it is more practical for ordinary people. Because the troubles we often have now are all the troubles of views and thoughts in the three realms, so if Being able to make good use of the sravaka method is particularly important in our current environment. As a disciple of the Buddha, practicing according to the Buddha’s teachings is the real way.


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