The ten great merits of helping to print scriptures


The first merit:

All the sins committed in the past, the minor ones will be eliminated immediately, and the serious ones will be turned into minor ones. Greed, anger and ignorance are the seeds of evil. Body, speech and mind are the organs for doing evil. Self-examination in the clear night, I have made countless mistakes in this life. If you combine the sins committed in multiple lives, the sins you have created are more than the icebergs in the cold land. Don’t be afraid if you can. Although the sinful nature is empty, if you try to atone for your sins, vow to circulate the Bible, solemn Buddha statues, and the iceberg of sins, there will be nothing that will disappear invisibly when the sun shines.

The second merit:

Often supported by auspicious gods. All plagues, water, fire, bandits, thieves, weapons, soldiers, and prisons will not be tolerated. There are all kinds of things in the human world, and there are many bad karma caused by them. One good thought can make a difference. Good deeds should be done based on the extraordinary merits of printing sutras and images, which is the most convenient and easy way to do. They are moved by auspicious gods and protected by them. There is a mutual benefit relationship between them. It covers the divine and heavenly ways. According to the teachings of Buddhism, they are all driven by long-cherished karma and have not been freed from the causes of suffering caused by long-term rotations. Therefore, when the Tathagata preaches the Dharma, there are always countless gods who respect and support him. Ananda collected the sutras, and the four heavenly kings supported him. Printing sutras and images is a very special thing for the gods, dragons and gods. Thanks to this merit, I am grateful to the auspicious gods and always support me. In the end, this Sambhogakaya will be free from all disasters. It is appropriate, but not fortunate.

The third merit:

If you have long-standing grudges, you will receive the benefits of the Dharma and be liberated. Never suffer the pain of revenge. All the quarrels, jealousies, frauds, false accusations, plundering, killings and other kinds of grudges in the world are all caused by selfish thoughts. Buddhism is the first project to eliminate self-grasping and save suffering. Printing sutras and images will benefit the world and bring incredible merits to the world. One drop of Dharma rain extinguishes the fire of resentment and anger, leaving nothing behind. Turn hatred into kindness, turn misfortune into blessing. Why don’t you exercise your power to yourself?

The fourth merit:

Yaksha evil spirits cannot be violated. Poisonous snakes and hungry tigers cannot do harm. Covetousness, greed and ugly behavior are the deep causes of falling into the ghost realm. The fire of anger and ignorance is a sign of poisonous insects. There will be many grudges and hundreds of tribulations. If the bad fate is not ripe, you can be free and easy. The time has come, who can save me? Ghosts and ghosts invade each other, and tigers and snakes confront each other. Misfortunes are your own fault, not accidental. The monks are wary of it. Print sutras and images, and go to repent of sins. So even if there are bad karma, they will all be eliminated. If you are in danger, you will find a smooth path.

The fifth merit:

I feel comforted, no danger in the day, no nightmare in the night. The color is shiny, the energy is strong, and the work is auspicious. There are so many people in this world, 70% of them are in fear, worry, doubt, frustration, resentment and pain. Seventy-eight percent of our lives are filled with fear, worry, doubt, frustration, resentment, and pain. For those who plan for me, everyone except me will be in a hostile position. Being alone and fighting against the crowd is the most dangerous thing. What’s more, the desire is hard to satisfy, like a deep valley. Nothing disturbs you, there is no wind or waves. This is the form of sin and the source of suffering. Buddhism is good at eliminating all sources of suffering. Those who printed the sutras and images may have become enlightened by being intimately exposed to the flavor of the Dharma, or they may have received blessings secretly and gained enlightenment. All obstacles are gone, and my mind is at peace. When it moisturizes the body, it is decisive.

The sixth merit:

If you sincerely follow the Dharma, even if you have no hope, you will naturally have abundant food and clothing, a harmonious family, and a long life. When a perfect person acts, what he sees is only true. As soon as the opportunity comes, rush to catch up. No worries, no expectations. If your intentions are sincere and your efforts are sincere, your achievements will naturally be outstanding. The matter of printing sutras and images is carried out by people who are so sincere and sincere, and who sincerely worship the Dharma. Although no merit is considered, the merit gained is actually unlimited. That is to say, only a part of the blessings in the world that a person has received are naturally sufficient and nothing is missing. There may be people who have hope and start doing good deeds. If the intention is not genuine, the results will be meager. You can make a decision. Although. A single good thought or a small word of writing, if they are not abandoned in vain, they will have immeasurable results. For example, if a grain of grain is sown in fertile land, it will turn into hundreds after one propagation, and millions after five propagations. Those who make great merits from the Dharma don’t have such a big plan or such determination.

The seventh merit:

What you say and do will make people and heaven happy. Wherever he goes, he is always loved and respected by many people. Those who are jealous for a long time, create slanderous words, praise others for their evil deeds, exploit others’ shortcomings, and seek temporary pleasure. After his death, he suffered hundreds of calamities, suffered all kinds of misery, and suffered all kinds of evil retribution. Once born into the world, it will be bad. Wherever you go, you will be disgusted. No matter what you do, there will be no result. And those who promote Buddhism have long-established good causes. Keep the heart of repaying kindness and the thought of benefiting others. Or purify the three karmas and make merits by writing sutras and drawings. Or give away a lot of gold to make merits for printing scriptures and making statues. The blessings gained cannot be measured. All the people who are respected by the public today originally came from the merits of the great Dharma in their early life. All the people who will be respected by the public in the future will actually come from the merits of the present grand dharma. Plant thorns to get thorns, plant lotus to get lotus roots. One by one, Xu is free of his own art.

The eighth merit:

A fool becomes wise, a sick person becomes healthy, and a sleepy person becomes prosperous. If you are a woman, on the day of thanking you, you will be transformed into a man. Those who have been stingy with teachings and wantonly slandered virtuous people will have many more retributions of stupidity and ignorance after suffering serious consequences. Su was born as a greedy person who did not want to kill livestock and poultry. He was a fisherman, butcher, hunter and cook, and once used the power to manufacture weapons, firearms, poisons, etc. to assist others in murdering others. After committing a serious crime, he would suffer from multiple serious diseases and disabilities. Those who have been born with insatiable greed, only know how to exploit others to enrich themselves, are stingy and stingy, and are unwilling to give out money when urgent needs arise. After suffering serious crimes, they will be repaid by poverty and hardship for many more lives. People who have been born in early life have narrow knowledge and bad views, flattery in mind, clever words and tricks, concealment and deception, clinging to situations, shallow capacity, laziness and dependence on nature. Those who have heavy dirt, are prone to resentment, are deeply jealous, and have strong sexual desires will have to bear the retribution of having more daughters after suffering serious crimes. Only Buddhism is good at resolving all fetters. The sea of suffering is boundless, and you will reach the shore when you turn back. The mountains of sin are endless, and when you stop thinking about them, they become empty. Therefore, those who have the supreme merit of spreading Buddhist scriptures and decorating Buddha statues with piety will naturally and gradually eradicate the sins accumulated in the past. Good luck in the future, stable education and successful achievements.

Ninth merit:

Eternally escape the evil path and be reborn in the good path. He has a good appearance, extraordinary talent, and great fortune. Everything contains spirit, sacrifices and accepts the body, and travels back and forth in the six realms, like a cart turning a wheel. For thousands of lives, always in the dreamland. If you continue to do good deeds, your sins will rise. Arrogance and forgetting one’s origins are the cause of corruption. Doing many evil deeds will reduce your fortune and shorten your life. Hundreds and thousands of times, the retribution is shocking. Hell, as well as animals, will fall into the three evil realms and suffer eternal destruction. It is rare and easy to lose, such as the human body. Do the ten good deeds and practice the five precepts. Born in the way of heaven, long-term blessings are not light. All Buddhas Tathagata have the same deep compassion. The most important thing is to spread the word widely. There is no action in mindfulness, and it is free from dirt and dust. Therefore, the scriptures and images were printed and deeded. This small wish has already sown blessings. Since then, he has been a comer. All blessings are round and outstanding.

The tenth merit:

Can cultivate good roots for everything. Use the hearts of all living beings to create a field of great blessings and obtain immeasurable fruits. Wherever you are born, you can often see Buddha and hear the Dharma. Until the Three Wisdoms are fully opened and the Six Links are realized, one can quickly become a Buddha. In the Buddha’s world, there is a city whose people are difficult to absorb. The Buddha said that people of this generation have a predestined relationship with Moulian. Because of the sight of each other. All the people in the city are attracted to him. The disciples asked the Buddha about the cause and condition. The Buddha said that Mu Lana was a woodcutter in the past eons. One day when I went into the mountains to cut trees, I was startled by countless bees. They are fierce and want to attack each other. Maudya Lam precepts do not do harm, and comforts him by saying: You all have Buddha nature. If I become enlightened in another year, I will come to save you. The people in this city today are just like the swarms of swarms back then. Because Mulian once had the thought of universal salvation, we were predestined. The cause was planted many kalpas ago, and once it matures, it will reap this incredible fruit. From this point of view, in the era that I have passed through in my life, all the species that I have come into contact with are all related to me. All sentient beings can use it as a supreme blessing field for the benefit of themselves and others. I have spread the seeds of merit in the hearts of all sentient beings. Every sentient being has a great affinity with me. In the hearts of all sentient beings, there are countless blessings and fruits. Even though these countless blessings are said to be the ones that sow the causes, the wonderful and solemn fruits of the path are also the wonderful and solemn products in the mature stage. And we can first purify and regulate our own hearts, and accept the supreme Dharma treasures of the Buddhas and Tathagatas of the ten directions and three times, as the seeds of rebirth, transformation, and sainthood. My body has a great affinity with the Buddhas Tathagata of the ten directions and three generations. All the Buddhas wish that the sea of overwhelming merits will be captured in my heart one by one. I wish there is no difference between me and the Buddha, and all Buddhas are kind and willing to support each other. The cause and effect are in the sea, and the result is the source of the cause.

Boundless victory and blessing are created in the sincere heart of this day when the sutras and images are printed and the Dharma is promoted to benefit students. I wish that everything in the present and future will be predestined, that I will be good at finding fields of blessing, and that I will be good at forming winning relationships. Don’t let the good time in front of you be used wisely, just like the torrential water passing by in front of your feet.

If the merits of printing scriptures are tangible, the whole world cannot contain them

Just like the vast sea water, it cannot be measured with a bucket

The sentient beings who receive the scriptures thus plant the roots of Buddhism

In the future, all those who have a predestined relationship will definitely be reborn in the Buddha’s Pure Land.

In the end, you will be liberated and become a Buddha, and return to Saha to save all sentient beings.

The merits of this victory are truly immeasurable, and all sentient beings


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