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The old monk Meng Shen explains “The Avatamsaka Sutra: Brahmacharya”

Whether we worship Buddha or chant sutras, those who go to the temple during the day are filled with toxins. The so-called toxins include greed, anger, delusion, and thoughts, and there are too many impure places. When eating, it tasted very good today, so I ate a few more bites without realizing it; for the food that didn’t taste good, I just had to give it a try, but just forget about it. There is love and hate in it. Sometimes when I lose my temper, I don’t dare to vent it on others, I vent it in my heart, and I can’t live with myself.

I obviously don’t know this matter, I don’t know how to do it at all. In front of many people, I’m afraid of losing face, so I reluctantly pretend to know how to do it; those who don’t know how to do it pretend to know it, and if they don’t know how to do it, they pretend to understand. Because before you achieve a pure holy life, your three karma will not be pure. Although we accept the Dharma, the Buddha, the Sangha, and the Three Jewels, there are poisons in them. The poisons are impurities, mixed with love and views. Why can’t we become enlightened after many tribulations? If the ingredients are impure, it is not a pure act.

If you can let go and observe like this, “There is nothing to take from the body, nothing to cultivate, and nothing to live in the Dharma.” The past has passed and you no longer think about it. There is no one who does not miss the past, because when he has a dream, he will think of many things, and may think about it for several days; when he has a bad dream, he will be afraid for several days. Why? The past cannot be eradicated. The past is gone and cannot be cut off; what about the future? There is no one who doesn’t think about the future, what will happen to me in the future, etc. This includes us ascetics.

One moment I want to live in a thatched hut, and the next I want to be clean and pure. If there are too many people, it will become troublesome and impossible to cultivate. Then you go live in a thatched hut and practice cultivation! You are afraid to practice cultivation alone, and you are distracted by two or three people, so what should you do? It is like this, over and over again, for many lives. Let’s all live together, but if we don’t feel restrained, let’s live alone alone, which is lazy and terrifying; year after year, life after life, countless calamities have passed like this. If you are persistent and live happily in the Dharma, stick to that Dharma if you like it, and reject the Dharma if you don’t like it. These attachments are present in every ascetic, not to mention non-advocates.

“The Brahmacharya” is specially written for monks. Why? Get rid of your attachments. If you are extremely attached, you will not be able to follow the fate. Once you follow the fate, things will change. To achieve the goal of following the conditions without change, you must meditate. If you meditate on the body and have nothing to gain, then the body karma will be gone. If you meditate on nothing, the mind karma will disappear. There is no abiding in all dharmas, no attachment to any dharmas, and no attachment to any dharmas. The Buddha said that all dharma means that you should not be attached. However, we will be attached to whatever dharma we learn, and we cannot live a holy life. The holy life does not mean to be motionless, to fall into emptiness and stillness, to have the formation and cessation of existence, that is not what it means.

What does it mean to be pure in the holy life? It means to cleanse your mind. If you believe that your mind is indistinguishable from that of the Buddha, then you must practice the holy life and be free from all attachments. When you are faced with observing and breaking the precepts, whether to practice or not to practice, you will have another perspective.

Once upon a time, there was a master who had two disciples. One of the eldest disciples had gone deep into the practice, but it did not appear on the outside. On the outside, he was just sleeping. Another young apprentice was very shrewd and looked down on his unintelligent senior brother, “This guy, why did he become a monk? He was so lazy that he died in one day!” However, his master knew it and attached great importance to his older apprentice. The young apprentice thought he was very smart and was very dissatisfied.

One time, his master experimented with this young apprentice. He took a chamber pot, which was used for peeing at night for the elderly. The chamber pot was made of porcelain, and his master asked his young apprentice to wash it. Wash it once, but the master says it’s not clean, so wash it again, wash it twice, and still not clean, wash it again. After washing it many times, it was still not clean, so he had no choice but to say, “Master, I can’t wash it well.” “If you can’t wash it well, ask your senior brother to wash it.”

Hey, he said, “I’ve washed it so many times but can’t wash it well. He sleeps all day long. How can he wash it well? How do I see him washing it?” He took the porcelain chamber pot and washed it for his senior brother. His senior brother pushed it on his knee, turned the porcelain chamber pot over, and then washed it. It was clean as soon as it was washed. Wouldn’t it still be clean if it was turned over? Only then did he realize that his senior brother really existed. If the real person didn’t show his appearance, then he wouldn’t be the real person if he showed his appearance.

If you look at it from the outside, you can’t tell which one is good or which one is bad. You have to look at the essence. You see, this senior brother is confused about everything because he is not attached to anything. This little apprentice is very smart. It is because he is so persistent that he is so smart. Do you understand this truth? You think he is sleeping, but actually he is!

Don’t be obsessed with appearance. Look at your thoughts, what thoughts come up throughout the day; if your thoughts are not attached to anything, they are pure. If you are attached to something, you won’t be able to let go of it even if you say a word. If you look at something and you can’t let go of it, that’s okay, because it involves your own self-interest. If you don’t do your business, you will also cause trouble and can’t let it go. You say you are not confused. Isn’t it troublesome?

This is not just talking, but checking your behavior. Sometimes what you do is not real, but what you think is real. The body and mouth are those that are commanded. They have consciousness, and it is consciousness that directs them. Even if you have subdued the consciousness, even if it is not possible, you still have to subdue the mind. Consciousness is directed by the heart, and there are too many levels of the heart, forty-two in total. Now we start from the ten abodes and ten practices, and even reach the ten, ten, and eleven places; Buddha is not so easy to achieve.

Reciting “The Purity of Brahma” can be finished in less than five minutes. If you do it, you will achieve Buddhahood from an ordinary person. What we are talking about is the realm of the Buddha and the realm of the great Bodhisattvas. Enlightenment can be achieved as soon as one sets the intention. Such a Bodhisattva realm can manifest Buddhahood for hundreds of kalpas. However, our hearts have not yet completed the holy life. Only the Buddha and the Buddha Only in order to achieve the ultimate holy life, don’t take this issue too simply.

What should we do? From the pure practice to the holy practice, we must first practice the one hundred and forty-one vows taught by Manjushri Bodhisattva, and then reach what Dharma Wisdom Bodhisattva said: nothing is attached to anything. This will be great. What merit is it? Fa. It is not that easy to arouse bodhicitta and become a Buddha. You will know after reading “Brahma Life”.

If we do anything without attachment, it will be like a demented person, like a fool, but in fact we are not stupid. There is a Chinese saying, Great wisdom is like a fool. The more intelligent you are, you will look at him like a fool. He is just stupid, he doesn’t pay attention to small things, and he is not confused about big things. He is very clear about big things, and he doesn’t care about small things at all. He must practice in this way.

We are obsessed with dressing, eating, and relationships with others throughout the day. If we focus on this, how can we cultivate Taoism? How can it be pure? Only when greed, anger, and ignorance are let go can morality, concentration, and wisdom arise; only when morality, concentration, and wisdom arise can you become free from all attachments. This does not mean that he does not uphold the precepts, but that he has upheld the precepts to this extent. If he does not uphold the precepts but upholds them, he will no longer be intentional, and he will not violate the precepts.

We all murmur in our hearts every day about not holding the money ring. Pass me something. You put it here first and I’ll pick it up later. However, what we are getting now are banknotes, not money; “Don’t be attached to gold and silver treasures!” This is not gold and silver treasures, but RMB.

Follow the fate and eliminate old karma, let alone create new disasters. Just eliminate the past karma and it will be fine and pure. Don’t make new mistakes. Now that you have become a monk, stop thinking about the relationship between a man and a woman. Otherwise, how can you practice Taoism? How can you be pure? How can you practice the holy life? You don’t even have the pure conduct! Let it go! see through!

What you say is deep, but what you do should be shallow. Talking about one foot is worse than walking one foot; doing one foot is much better than saying one foot.


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