Amitabha Sutra


“The Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra” is a classic that Sakyamuni Buddha preached in the Gion Abode in the south of Savatthi City in the Kosala Kingdom with Sariputta and other sixteen great disciples, Manjushri and other great Bodhisattvas, and many of his family members. The Amitabha Sutra is one of the few sutras that the Buddha spoke without asking questions from his disciples, which shows the Buddha’s urgency to be compassionate and help the world.

In the first half of the “Amitabha Sutra”, it declares the various solemnities of the Western Paradise and the origin and significance of Amitabha’s name. It then explains how to persuade all living beings to recite Amitabha’s name to be reborn in the Western Paradise. Finally, the Buddhas of the ten directions also persuade all living beings in their lands to believe in It concludes with the deeds of Amitabha Buddha and his Paradise.

The holy name “Namo Amitabha” can subdue the troubles in the mind and change the shortcomings of habits. The joy of Dharma obtained by reciting the name of the Buddha cannot be bought at any price. If everyone can worship the Buddha with the body, recite the Buddha with the mouth, remember the Buddha in the heart, make unremitting efforts, and have faith, vows, and actions, not only can the body and mind be absorbed and the three karma can be purified, but they will eventually be reborn in the land of bliss.

The method of reciting Buddha’s name may seem easy to learn, but Master Yin Guang, the thirteenth founder of the Pure Land Sect in modern times, believes that practice requires not only reciting the name of the Buddha, but also in-depth study of the essence of the Amitabha Sutra. Master Yin Guang reminded the world to practice the method of reciting the Buddha’s name. Only by having the right knowledge and views of the Amitabha Sutra can we understand the principles of cause and effect and the cycle of life and death in Buddhism. This is the ultimate and stable way to seek rebirth in the Pure Land of Western Bliss.

The Amitabha Sutra is one of the Three Pure Land Sutras, and the widespread circulation of the other two sutras, the Infinite Life Sutra and the Infinite Life Sutra, led to the founding of the Pure Land Sect. The method of chanting the Buddha’s name advocated in this sutra became popular for a while due to the Yi learning. After continuous promotion by Master Huiyuan of the Eastern Jin Dynasty and Master Shandao of the Tang Dynasty, it became one of the eight sects of Chinese Buddhism and was even widely spread in surrounding countries, such as Japan. , South Korea, Vietnam, etc.

After the Song Dynasty, “Amitabha Sutra” was included in the must-recite evening lessons, which further illustrates its importance. Master Ou Yi believes that the method of reciting the Buddha’s name in the “Amitabha Sutra” is not only a method of practice, but at the same time, one can understand the truth of Buddhism and obtain supreme merits from the recitation of the Buddha’s name.

Although the Amitabha Sutra does not contain many words, it contains rich content. “Dependent Origination and Emptiness” is the most fundamental and core idea of ​​Buddhism. Everyone has a different understanding of this issue. When studying the Amitabha Sutra, only with true faith, earnest wishes, and sincere practice can one be reborn in the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. Faith, willingness and action are like three tripods, each of which is indispensable. At the same time, one should also diversify his good roots, cultivate more virtues, and do more good deeds to benefit others.

Purifying the mind and the land is the responsibility and obligation of every Buddhist disciple. I hope that fellow Taoists and Taoists can practice and study together, transform others and save others on their own, so that in this life they can decorate the land, benefit sentient beings, and make the world more harmonious. ; In the future, we will meet again in the Western Paradise, visit the merciful Lord in person, and listen to the holy teachings together!


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