Pharmacist’s Sutra


“The Medicine Master Glazed Light Tathagata’s Original Vows and Merit Sutra”, referred to as “The Medicine Master Sutra”, is the Dharma taught by the Buddha under the music tree outside Guangyan City when he was traveling around the Ganges River. The scripture describes the glazed pure land of the East and declares the original vows and merits of Medicine Master Tathagata. The person who asked for the Dharma was Manjusri Bodhisattva, who was renowned for his wisdom. The listeners included great monks, great Bodhisattvas, the eight deities, dragons, and non-human beings.

According to the Buddha, there are three titles in the “Medicine Master Lazuli Light Tathagata’s Original Vows and Merit Sutra”: 1. Medicine Master Lazuli Light Tathagata’s original vows and merits; 2. Twelve gods will benefit those with complex vows; 3. Eradicate all karma obstacles. The current version of this sutra is titled with the first name. Because removing all karmic obstacles is the power of the merits of Medicine Master Tathagata’s original vows; the benefit of the twelve divine generals to sentient beings is to protect the merits of Medicine Master Tathagata and enable sentient beings to obtain the benefits of these merits. Based on the original photo, it was named “The Medicine Master Glazed Light Tathagata’s Original Vows and Merit Sutra”.

The “Medicine Master Sutra” tells that the Medicine Master Buddha made twelve great vows in his past life as a Bodhisattva. Each great vow is to relieve the suffering of all living beings, so that all living beings have good roots, learn the Dharma, and then be able to escape suffering and be liberated. In Buddhism, the Buddha is often called the Supreme Medical King or the Great Pharmacist, because the Buddha can cure all kinds of diseases of all living beings. The Buddhist scriptures say: There are three physical diseases of human beings – old age, illness, and death; there are also three psychological diseases – greed, hatred, and ignorance. The Buddha was born to save sentient beings in order to eradicate all kinds of physical and mental illnesses of sentient beings. Therefore, he was praised as a great medical king and a great pharmacist.

The Buddha’s Dharma is an indefinite method. All sentient beings have various diseases, and the Buddha uses various medicines to treat them. Because the Buddha’s Dharma is administered according to the illnesses of all living beings, it is said that all living beings have 84,000 troubles, and the Buddha said 84,000 Dharma doors. After taking refuge in the Three Jewels, you can practice step by step according to the teachings, and slowly experience through your vows and actions. All kinds of worries and pains will naturally be reduced and eventually completely eradicated, so as to achieve the realization of the highest ideal.

Medicine master can be a general name for all Buddhas, because Buddhas are good at curing all diseases. The Buddha observes the various conditions of all sentient beings and can administer various dharma medicines – eighty-four thousand dharma doors, which are eighty-four thousand dharma medicines. For example, we can distinguish between major categories: human and heavenly medicines, Hinayana medicines, and Bodhisattva medicines that benefit oneself and others. In this sense, all Buddhas are supreme medical kings and great pharmacists. However, the Tathagata of the Eastern Pure Land pays special attention to eliminating disasters and avoiding disasters, especially treating the physical illnesses of living beings, so he is named Medicine Master.

The ultimate and supreme medicine master is only the Buddha, and the disciples of the Buddha practice Buddhism according to the Buddhist teachings, either by themselves, or by giving lectures to benefit transformations. They have learned more or less of the Buddha’s medicine and have cured the illnesses of all living beings. They can also be called “pharmacists”. .

The “Medicine Master Sutra”, like the “Amitabha Sutra”, is a Buddhist sutra that guides practice and application. It is not only the first step into Buddhism, but also a guide to the ultimate path. For ordinary people, practicing the Medicine Sutra can purify the body and mind, improve moral standards, eliminate all disasters, avoid all difficulties, fulfill all wishes, achieve all facts, extend life and increase happiness, change the current destiny, and gain happiness in this world. For Buddhist disciples, by practicing the Medicine Master Sutra, they can follow the correct path and achieve the ultimate Buddhahood. Let us recite the “Medicine Master Sutra” together, learn from the Medicine Buddha, practice Buddhist deeds, and learn to be a good pharmacist.


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