Old Monk Meng Shen: The Ghost King never forgets to help all living beings


[Classic original text] The ghost king spoke to the Buddha. I wish to have no worries. I am the shape after all. Nian Nian supports Yan Fu. When you are born and when you die. All are at peace. May all sentient beings live in the time of birth and death. Trust me. All is liberated. Get big benefits.

[Explanation of the scripture] The Lord commanded the ghost king to say to the World Honored One: The ghost king said to the Buddha, “Don’t worry about your wish. World Honored One, don’t think about it or worry about it. I am the form, the power of my vow, and I have the form of the ghost king. As long as I am here” When I was there, I supported him with every thought, and helped Jambudvipa to escape from birth and death, so that he could be free and happy in both life and death. But sentient beings must listen to my words. I hope all sentient beings believe in my words. If they can believe my words when they are alive and dead, they will definitely be liberated and gain great benefits. Even when they are alive and dead, they should not kill pigs and sheep and prepare banquets. Instead, they should recite sutras. Meditation to help sentient beings. (Explanation by Master Meng Shen)


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