If you have kind thoughts in your heart, good results will follow.


Buddhist Story: A Cowherd Offers Golden Flowers to Buddha

The lakeside is full of beautiful golden flowers, emitting brilliant brilliance. When the cowherd saw this beautiful scene, he immediately had a thought in his mind: “The Buddha is not far from here. I should collect these majestic golden flowers to offer to the Buddha.” So the cowherd collected several pots full of them. Pick up the flowers and go.

Unexpectedly, before he reached the road, he was gored by a running cow and died. Because of the cowherd’s intention to worship the Buddha, he died and was reborn in the Trayastrim Heaven as the Son of Heaven. He lived in a spacious and majestic palace surrounded by golden flowers, which bloomed with dazzling light and illuminated the entire palace in a dazzling way.

The Son of Heaven has the power of fate. He saw that in his previous life, he was picking flowers to offer to the Buddha, but they were killed by cows. However, because of the thought of offering to the Buddha, he enjoyed the blessings of being reborn in heaven. At this time, I couldn’t help but praise the Buddha: “Buddha, who has achieved perfect enlightenment and deeds, truly has immeasurable merit, and should be supported by humans and heavens. I just had the thought of making offerings to the Buddha, and I had such great blessings before I had time to make offerings to the Buddha.” Retribution, let alone those who constantly cultivate merit?”

So, the emperor collected golden flowers around the palace and prepared various utensils for worshiping the Buddha, hoping to fulfill his wish to worship the Buddha.

Other heavenly beings saw him picking flowers and felt very strange. They came to ask: “You have just ascended to heaven. Why don’t you enjoy the blessings of heavenly beings and pick flowers here instead?”

The Emperor replied: “I want to offer flowers to the Buddha in the human world, but I will pass away before I can complete it. Just thinking like this can bring me the retribution of gods and humans, let alone a real offering to the Buddha? So I am picking flowers now for the sake of perfection. Support the Buddha’s wishes and cultivate future merit.”

When other heavenly beings heard the emperor’s words, they all had great kindness, so a total of 84,000 heavenly beings descended to the human world to make offerings to the Buddha. Unexpectedly, the Buddha was nowhere to be seen in the pagodas and temples. Instead, an enlightened bhikkhu preached the Dharma to the gods. After hearing the Dharma, all the gods and humans felt happy, and because of their increased merit, they finally saw the Buddha.

The devas who saw the Buddha were extremely happy. They played drums, stringed instruments, and sang various kinds of heavenly music, and scattered all kinds of heavenly flowers to make offerings to the Buddha and the monks. The World-Honored One expounded the pure and wonderful Dharma to the gods and humans. The emperor and the other 84,000 gods and humans were immediately enlightened and realized the Sotapanna fruition.

It turns out that the Son of Heaven and the other 84,000 heavenly beings were each other’s good teachers in past lives, and today they have matured and become enlightened together.

The allusion is excerpted from: “Miscellaneous Parables and Parables from the Classics. Volume 1”

If you have kind thoughts in your heart, good results will follow!


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