Learn to use your worries instead of being used by them


“Vimalakīrti Sutra”: Disciples are busy in the world and turn around as they please. A good teacher of the Tao will achieve enlightenment through this.

[Postnote]: The layman Vimalakirti said that Chenlao was his servant. Dust labor is the troubles of dust labor. Chinese literature describes the world as red dust. This is the culture of the Central Plains, because the Central Plains is a red soil plateau. When the wind and sand blow together, the air is filled with red dust. Modern cities like Taipei may not have sandstorms, but air pollution turns them into black dust instead of human dust. Dust refers to this world, and labor refers to the labor in this world. Living beings in this worldly toil have countless troubles every day. The Buddha said that all sentient beings have 84,000 troubles in one thought. What is a thought? One exhalation and one inhalation is called a thought. You said you don’t have so many worries. I’m sorry, but that’s just because you can’t find out through examination, so you’re not qualified to talk about it. Even though you are studying Buddhism, listening to scriptures everywhere, and participating in all activities, you are just a Buddhist monk, a veteran in Buddhism. You are of no use at all, and you don’t know yourself clearly. If you can check out your own thoughts, you can be considered a beginner in Buddhism.

Vimalakirti said that Chen Lao is my disciple. I use Chen Lao’s troubles to promote the growth of my Taoism. How can I say that I don’t have servants? I have servants everywhere!

The imam of Islam is called imam, which is a palindrome of title. This is also very interesting to study. In mantras, all the big things are pronounced with the pronunciation of A, which is an accent, just like the Christian prayers that end with Amen, Om A Hum, Amitabha, and Imam. There is a Muslim story that a king shot a deer while hunting. The deer escaped with the arrow and fled to a cave where an old imam was practicing Buddhism. The imam covered the deer with his own clothes. A general from the king’s entourage came after him and asked the imam if he had seen any injured deer. After asking many times, the imam ignored him. The general said, if you don’t open your mouth again, I will kill you. The imam opened his eyes and asked, are you a subordinate of someone (he called the king by his first name)? The general was furious and said that the imam was disrespectful to the king. The imam said, the king is just the slave of my slave, why can’t I call him by his name? When the general was about to kill the imam, the king arrived. The general reported what happened and said that the imam had deceived the king. The king asked the imam why he said this. The imam said, all people have become slaves of desire. The desire of a person to be a king is to rule the world and make the country strong. Don’t you think so? As a cultivator, I no longer have to listen to desire. Now it wants to listen to me. of. You, the king, listen to desire, so there is nothing wrong with you being the slave of my slave. The king agreed. The Imam said, “The deer has run away. Don’t chase it anymore. Don’t be a slave to desire anymore.” The king was greatly impressed by this and worshiped the imam as his teacher. This Islamic story can be used to illustrate the “disciple’s toil in the world”.

The key to learning Buddhism lies in the next sentence “Turn around at will”. Don’t be trapped by emotional troubles, but turn your troubled thoughts around and turn your troubles into Bodhi. Vimalakirti said that you can turn your troubles around at will and command them like servants.

He went on to say that “the good teacher of the Tao”, the thirty-seven bodhisattva qualities, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, the Four Right Efforts, etc., are all his good teachers. “This is how you achieve enlightenment.” Buddhists must follow this path to achieve enlightenment and achieve enlightenment. You go to work on your Qi pulse, draw talismans and recite mantras… these are irrelevant. Rather, you must be able to turn your worries into Bodhi according to your will in the midst of worldly labor and troubles, and practice the thirty-seven Bodhi Paths (that is, the thirty-seven levels of Buddhist cultivation). If you do not take this path, you will not care. No matter what method you practice, you will never achieve real achievements.


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