Buddha’s teachings on the dangers of sexual desire


Lust is the root cause of the three paths of bondage

“Dafang Guangxiu Duoluo Yuanjue Sutra”:

Everything has no beginning. Because of all kinds of love and greed, there is reincarnation. If all the species in the world, egg-born, womb-born, wet-born, and metamorphosis-born, are all rectified by lust. You should know that reincarnation love is the foundation. Desires help develop the nature of love, so life and death can continue.

“Shurangama” also says: When sentient beings are in the bardo body, when sentient beings with whom they are predestined and have the same karma engage in adultery, the bardo body will see a little light. So he swooped over and jumped into it. Because of the hatred and love for the adulterer, and the acceptance of this love and hatred, it combines with the smelly essence and blood to form a fetus, and another period of life and death begins again. Because of this, passion and love are bound together, attracting each other like magnets. Therefore, for hundreds of thousands of kalpas, I will always be entangled in life and death. With this kind of love, parents, children and grandchildren transform into each other and continue to create each other.

Master Sheng’an said: I used to be a mother, now I am a wife. The old man is now a husband, and our love will last forever.

Nagarjuna Bodhisattva’s “Great Wisdom Treatise” says: “Although lust does not kill living beings, binding it is a serious sin.” There are shackles formed in the world that can make it impossible for offenders to escape. If you are locked by the invisible shackles of lust. There is always no way to break through the cage of the Three Realms.

“The Great Solemnity Sutra” says:

“Sex is bound to ordinary people, the five yins are all bound, life and energy are bound to things, and the bond of death is also rekindled. From this life to the next life, it will not be bound until the beginning. In the bondage of reincarnation, we will be born and died countless times.”

There are all kinds of pains in the world, mostly caused by lust. The living beings who live in a place where the five interests are mixed have deep desires and turn like a waterwheel in the sea of suffering of life and death. The stronger the lust, the deeper the fall.

“The First Surangama Sutra” says:

“If it is pure love, you will fall into the endless hell. With one thought of nine emotions, the body of the fire wheel will go down into the earth where wind and fire intersect. With seven emotions and three thoughts, the water wheel will sink and be born in the fire. If you are exposed to strong fire, you will often be burned and you will have no food. Hundreds and thousands of kalpas of no drinking sutra. The six emotions and four thoughts are animals. The most important thing is the hair group, the light one is the feather family. One thought of lust pulls the three smudges and is reborn. There are many sexual beings, sexual habits are handed over, the stained hearts are grinding together endlessly, and the essence and blood are dissipated and accumulate. It becomes a fire. When the fire is strong, the water will fall and the rocks will be exhausted. In the current life, you will feel depressed and afraid of wind, cold and heat, and will be sick and short-lived. At the end of your life, you will feel the retribution of an iron bed and copper pillars.”

“The Samadhi Sutra of Awakening to the Buddha” says:

“Many promiscuous living beings, at the end of their lives, feel a tall copper pillar, shaped like a volcano. There is a fierce flame burning underneath, burning their bodies. Looking down in horror, they see an upright woman on the iron bed. (The woman saw a man) She fell in love with her. Above and below the copper pillars, as well as on the iron bed, the three poles of the man and woman are on fire. A bird with an iron beak comes in and out from the two poles, and lives and dies nine hundred times a day and a night.”

After completing the sins in hell, one is born in the ghost realm and becomes a demon ghost. If the mind is promiscuous, the yin and yang will be out of balance, which can cause wind and rain to fail, and severe droughts are common. After the ghost karma has been exhausted, they are still animals. According to the experience, they are mostly birds, pigeons, mandarin ducks and the like. After returning to Taoism, the remaining retribution is that the wife is unchaste, the wives and concubines are in conflict with each other, and the family is in disharmony. Depending on the karma, cesspools will appear in unclean places such as mud.

“The Righteous Dharma Mindfulness Sutra” says:

“If a person is an adulterer and does not observe well, he is not committing adultery. If he is in or near the Buddha, due to bad karma, he will end up in the hell, where he will be penetrated by iron thorns, burned and other great sufferings. There are often iron ants and evil insects eating flesh and drinking blood. , eating its five internal organs. The food has been reborn, and it has been cooked for countless kalpas. After the sins and karma are completed, it will be reborn in poverty and lowliness in the human world.”

“The Great Treasure Accumulation Sutra” also says:

“If you fall into a sleep of great fear, you may swallow hot iron pills or drink copper juice. Again, mountains of hot iron meet each other. When you suffer this suffering, there is no one to save you.”

The Shurangama Sutra says:

“Bhikshuni Baolianxiang, engages in sexual desires privately. She talks and engages in adultery without any retribution. She is neither killing nor stealing, and has no karmic retribution. As soon as she said these words, a fierce fire will first arise in the female root, and then it will burn step by step, followed by the endless hell.”


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